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Park Associati: listening, intuition, and experimentation

Park Associati

“The Architects Series – A documentary on: Park Associati” is the 16th episode of the documentary series created by THE PLAN for the Iris Ceramica Group. It includes the lecture “Design Beyond Scale,” presented by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi.

Park Associati was established in Milan in 2000. The two founders, Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, built their professional identities on the examples of the great tradition of post-war Italian architecture. After working abroad for some time, Michele and Filippo joined the practice of Michele De Lucchi in Milan. They later embarked upon a new professional adventure together. With clients in Italy and around the world, the studio has completed important projects in many sectors, from corporate headquarters to hybrid residential buildings, multifunctional retail spaces, and even mobile restaurants.

In its work, Park Associati sets out to create a vision, interpreting and encapsulating all the different variables that arise. The studio’s three guiding principles are listening, intuition, and experimentation.

Listening includes taking onboard all the tangibles – the regulations, and economic, climatic, and environmental conditions. But it also involves the intangible and latent dimensions – the client’s defining values, the wishes and needs of the users, and the urban, social, and political contexts.

Intuition brings quality to all the studio’s projects. That creative spark combines with the analytical process to interpret the complexity of each project and add value to the final design.

Experimentation with architectural languages and technologies, along with collaboration with other disciplines, see Park Associati involved in the most diverse projects, ranging from urban planning to industrial design. Research is a cornerstone of the studio’s culture, with the Park Plus laboratory set up for the purpose.

Over the years, Park Associati has opened several divisions to meet the challenges of the future. Park Plus conducts ongoing research in support of design. Park Lab creates models and prototypes on a daily basis. A materials library was set up to physically store material samples, making it possible for architects to have ongoing physical contact with various products, thereby stimulating ideas and creativity for present and future projects. In 2017, the studio opened its doors to the city, along with other professional and artistic fields, with the establishment of Park Hub, a space that hosts exhibitions, meetings, and lectures, all intended to promote the exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences.


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