Panos Infinity Tunable White - Variable Colour temperature, design and efficiency
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Panos Infinity Tunable White - Variable Colour temperature, design and efficiency

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 30 September 2011

Panos Infinity by Zumtobel, an LED downlight designed by Christopher Redfern, has clean minimal lines that enhance the design potential of LED technology. The idea was to come up with a lighting device that could blend with the architecture, shedding a light that was as nearly as possible like daylight. Panos Infinity discreetly merges with the ambience as its light chamber and reflector twin harmoniously leaving the source itself invisible.
LED technology gives downlights 70% more efficiency than versions with compact fluorescent lamps; it also ensures a stable colour temperature of 3000 or 4000 Kelvin throughout their 50,000-hour lifespan. Panos Infinity is available in three strengths (18-27-36 Watt), in round (150 and 200 mm diameter) and square (140 and 190 mm sides) versions, with and without a frame. Thanks to Zumtobel’s specially designed dissipation system, the LED module cools passively, making for durability and better performance. The LED light chamber and passive dissipation system also form a unit one can detach from the transformer and reflector without using tools, which makes changing an LED module easy. Panos Infinity is DALI dimmerable and can be fitted with the Tunable White system, which gives the user yet another way of regulating the colour temperature in the white light field, setting it to anything between 2700 and 6500 degrees Kelvin as the setting or architecture warrants. Intended for cultural venues, exhibition rooms and sales areas, Tunable White improves the perceived light quality; it enables one to vary the exposure or the amount of detail picked out without having to change bulb or apparatus.
What is more, with its IR/UV free radiation the light preserves exhibits unharmed, while the high quality colour yield (Ra90) keeps colours faithful. Setting the various white tones on luminaires fitted with Tunable White can be done by means of a Circle Tune control unit or an Emotion Touch panel. Panos Infinity downlights are eco+ certified - Zumtobel’s demanding brand coding reserved for specially resource-saving products.


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