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Palazzo Lombardia
By Editorial Staff -
MioDino has participated in the project

The new Palazzo Lombardia, rising near the old centre of Milan, groups under one new roof the offices for 3000 employees who were previously scattered about the city.
Plans for this operation, by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners in liaison with the Caputo Partnership and Sistema Duemila, met the competition brief of restoring a new portion of the town to life, being local user friendly, connecting with the context and possessing symbolic value worthy of its civic function.
As a whole the composition takes its cue from the undulating backdrop of mountain ranges and the rivers that wind across the region. In the number of spaces open to the public it deliberately harks back to the Broletto, Lombardy’s original town hall whose large portico-ed area on the ground floor was appointed for meetings of the townsfolk. The lower part of the complex, comprised of nine-storey blocks, connects in architectural scale to the surrounding town buildings, while the high tower containing offices and official chambers, plus a belvedere restaurant and a garden terrace, stands in dialogue with the Pirelli skyscraper which it surpasses in height, thus forming a new landmark on the town horizon. Within their curvilinear shapes the buildings enclose flexible workplaces designed to be adaptable to the Regional Management’s changing needs and developing organizational structure.
On behalf of “Infrastrutture Lombarde” Tatiana Milone arranged the space plan, layout and interior design. Furnishing the administrative offices was entrusted to Mio Dino who in overall length provided 9000 metres of Relò partitioning and 3200 workstations appointed in Carpe Diem style.
Relò is a furnishable mobile partition system composed of two panes of glass making for lightness, transparency and yet high sound proofing. A special junction between panes enables the partition to be fitted with shelves, ledges and notice-boards. This feature, together with the lightness, makes Relò an extremely versatile and flexible product: elegance of design, and adaptability to many functional purposes.
Carpe Diem is a furnishing system that lends itself to originality of office layout, attention to detail and speed of assembly. Linear and functional, this furniture range can be juxtaposed in countless combinations; the broad choice of finishes, including precious woods, means one can personalise any kind of office in operational, semi-managerial and full managerial style.
That Mio Dino should have had this role in the Palazzo Lombardia sets the seal on the company’s drive to come up with competitive solutions based on thoroughgoing research with an eye on technology and design.


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