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Palace of Versailles

Uniform Illumination even with a Long-Distance Effect

Palace of Versailles
By Editorial Staff -
BEGA has participated in the project

A Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the most magnificent palaces in Europe, the historic Palace of Versailles served as a model for numerous castles until the 19th century, spreading its Baroque style across national borders. The exterior façade and extensive park have now been meticulously enhanced, creating a sublime long-distance effect at night, thanks to a sophisticated lighting scheme designed by LEA – Les Éclairagistes Associés. BEGA’s LED in-ground luminaires, in two versions – including a custom-made version – played a key role in the project, with their versatile functionality proving indispensable in lighting the various spaces around this historic château and in the park. 

 © Mark Wohlrab, courtesy Bega

To ensure optimal coverage of the vertical surfaces of the palace’s façade, special wall washer in-ground floodlights with wide-angle, asymmetrical light distribution were used. The choice of such lights resulted in uniform, glare-free illumination, allowing observers to fully appreciate the majestic façade even from a significant distance, which is essential given the size of the complex. Designed to withstand pressures of up to 1,000 kg and with shallow mounting depths, these lights are not only moveable, but are also equipped with water-resistant seals to ensure their longevity in a multitude of environments.

 © Mark Wohlrab, courtesy Bega

On the other hand, to illuminate the park areas where visitors can appreciate not only the expertly manicured plants but also an abundance of sculptures, the same in-ground floodlights were used, but with a unique design that provides narrow beam light distribution. This bespoke version from BEGA was meticulously engineered to blend seamlessly into the environment and stage the intricate details of the artworks on display. By directly illuminating the sculptures, each sculptural element draws the viewer’s attention, leaving no detail unnoticed. 
With two almost identical solutions, but adapted to different lighting requirements, BEGA LEDs ensured the project achieved the expected level of success. 

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