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Pratic F.lli Orioli has participated in the project

Frassinago architectural practice in Bologna specializes in creating gardens and terraces. When it wanted to overhaul the external section of its showroom, it sought a partner with the expertise to turn this space into a true example of the potential of such an area, a visual representation of what the practice can do. It turned to Pratic, using the Opera bioclimatic pergola to create a large living space for welcoming clients in a relaxing setting, before moving with them into a meeting space centered on a large square table. The result was a genuine tableau, a pleasure to look at, with a lovely lush wall of vegetation on one side. At the same time, it clearly expresses the practical potential of such spaces.  Opera guarantees a design that meets the latest bioclimatic architecture standards, merging a variety of factors to enhance user comfort and reduce environmental impact. The adjustable sunscreen blades with rotation up to 140 degrees can alter ventilation and light levels, helping to keep the air fresh and cut the artificial lighting needed during the day. Opera is a very versatile solution, with the option to adjust the angle of the blades for each separate span, so that each section can be personalized to get the desired light and breeze. The rain sensors on the blades spring to life when it rains, closing instantly to fully protect the interior below. The Zip Raso vertical awnings with a filtering fabric provide additional protection and are integrated into the loading-bearing frame that is only 22 cm. Finally, the Slide Glass parallel sliding system provides excellent insulation, without disrupting the view.  To make sure this outdoor space can be used year-round, the flooring for Opera has a heating and cooling system that turns this space into a true winter garden when it gets cold or a cool space on hot, sticky days. Finally, since Ipè wooden panels were used in a running bond pattern without visible joints, the aesthetic effect is of warmth - an ideal touch for a metallic frame. Overall, the feel is a delightful mix of modern and classical.

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