Oikos and Massimo Roj’s Oxygen Eco-Tower
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Oikos and Massimo Roj’s Oxygen Eco-Tower

Oikos and Massimo Roj’s Oxygen Eco-Tower
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Oikos colore e materia per l'architettura has participated in the project

Environmental sustainability has been turned into finding a better way for humans and the planet. It is about building an improved future and understanding new challenges. 

The Oxygen Eco-Tower apartment block was designed by Massimo Roj of Progetto CMR. Oikos was a key partner in this venture, providing its sustainable colours for architecture as part of an entirely Made in Italy interior design project. The building offers high levels of comfort and using renewable energy sources helps make it a harmonious green building. 

The tower recalls a flower rising up, but this one is 75 storeys high with 161 vertical villas. It offers a chance to live surrounded by greenery, without giving up on cutting-edge technology. Covering 125,800 m2 of built area and 61,000 m2, the complex finds a new symbiosis between man and the environment, with plentiful gardens arranged to recall petals. 

The design was a finalist at the MIPIM Awards 2015 in Cannes and took home the “People’s Choice Award”. It is a true showcase for Italian expertise and sustainable design, especially as it was the outcome of close cooperation between the architects and a series of leading Italian companies that brought their technologies and products to the design table. 

As part of this, Oikos was involved in selecting the colours and textures for the rooms in the villas and communal areas. It worked closely with the Progetto CMR team, often getting its R&D centre involved to find solutions that matched the designers’ requirements. 

The solutions are testament to what Oikos’s research achieved, using colour and matter to produce innovative spaces. For example, the choice of textures combined cutting-edge technology with aesthetics, while using versatile and eco-sustainable materials. The differences in shapes and motifs are united through a shared approach to how the colours and materials react to light, creating chiaroscuro effects that allude to the patterns and tactile sensations of fabrics. 

The Italian decorative tradition is swooped up by the company and carefully integrated with Oikos’s vocation for research and innovation to produce solutions and products that, while respecting the environment, create new relations among light, colours and surfaces without inhibiting design freedom.


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