Office building and logistics facility in Nola
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Office building and logistics facility in Nola


Office building and logistics facility in Nola
By Francesco Pagliari -
The building, a regular rectangular block in shape, accommodates both offices and a logistics facility. Its total floor space is approximately 145,300 square feet (13,500 sq.m.), of which 21,530 square feet (2,000 sq.m.) is occupied by management and sales offices over two floors. The remaining space houses warehouses and clothing production facilities.
The site is located in an industrial estate in the town of Nola. This area is well served by roads, including nearby highways and motorways, and is clearly visible from the roads. This factor was embraced as a key element in the design by Modostudio, translating into positioning the entrance façade to the south where it is clearly visible from the motorway. In this way, the building itself acts as a strong communication tool, contributing to corporate image.
The most dominant element of the façade is the cladding on the first floor, consisting of three-dimensional modular panels. The arrangement of these large pre-cast concrete panels creates a sequence of projections and recesses that gives the wall a three-dimensional dynamism, while also producing visual effects with changes in the light. The panels form a band 24 feet (7.5 m) in height in the area of the managerial offices, training areas and meeting rooms. On the ground floor, a glazed curtain wall provides natural light in the production facilities, sales offices and showrooms. An important aspect of the design is the view of Vesuvius from the offices on the southern side of the building.
The building shell, in exposed concrete slabs, provides a homogeneous background colour for the entire building. This is reflected on the interior by a minimalist approach, with shades of white the dominant tones in the offices. Access to the offices is via a spacious lobby, at the centre of which are metal stairs.
The three-dimensional cladding panels not only function aesthetically to create a distinctive corporate image, but also act as an additional shell, creating a double skin in combination with the main building shell. This contributes to high levels of environmental comfort in the office area by preventing direct sunlight on the shell. Also, because the panels overhang, they provide shade for the offices on the ground floor.
A significant part of the building is taken up by warehousing and production facilities. These are housed in large double-height spaces, characterized by their cool tones. Large steel elements incorporated into the ceilings of the prefabricated structure simplify the movement of goods.
The roof, which covers an area of more than 9.000 m2, incorporates a PV system that generates around 550Kw of power.

Location: Nola, Naples
Client: Giorgia & Johns
Completion: 2011
Gross Floor Area: 13.760 m2
Cost of Construction: 5.500.000 Euros
Architects: Modostudio
Works Management: Studio Visone & Associati
Contractors: Edilizia Cinquestelle, Canova Prefabbricati

Structural: Studio Visone & Associati

Lighting Systems: iGuzzini
Wall System: Boffa Arredamenti
Curtain Walling: Ales Alluminio
Office Furniture: Sinetica
Rubber Flooring: Remp

Photo by: © Julien Lanoo

Modostudio - Cibinel Laurenti Martocchia Associate Architects 
This Rome-based practice put together the skills its various partners had acquired through working for Massimiliano Fuksas, Piero Sartogo, Erick Van Egeraat and Kas Oosterhuis on various major projects.
At present the firm is implementing projects for a research foundation at Laives (Bolzano), a building in Rome destined for technological research and a conversion plan to upgrade the Modena ex Fonderie Riunite site.
Modostudio has won acclaim in some major national and international competitions:

1st prize in the competition by invitation for a services building at Tecnopolo Tiburtino, Rome.
2nd prize in the two-phase competition for the CSAI Spa new HQ, Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo.
Special mention in the international competition for the Caceres New Tradefair, Spain.

1st prize in the international competition to build a new centre for the Uhl Foundation to research into renewable sources of energy, situated on the Laives mountains near Bolzano.
1st prize in the international competition for Modena’s ex Fonderie Riunite.
1st prize in the competition for the Los Carmenes Commercial Centre, Las Torres de Cotillas, (Spain).
Picked for the international competition to convert the Oltretorrente area, Parma.

Picked for the Living Steel international competition to design 500 sustainable homes (Russia).
Picked for phase 2 of the competition for the new Formia hospital.
3rd prize in the international competition for a masterplan in Vilnius (Latvia).
Special prize in the international competition for a masterplan at Lohja (Finland).
Prizewinner at the Lausanne Jardins 2009 international competition (Switzerland).

1st prize in the Ciudad del Medio Ambiente international competition at Santomera (Spain).
Prizewinner at the Cret-du-Locle town-planning international competition (Switzerland).
Special mention in the international competition for a marine terminal at Klaipeda (Latvia).
Special mention in the international competition for the Akropolis HQ in Vilnius (Latvia).

The Modostudio partners were invited as visiting critics to run the architectural design course at New York’s Cornell University in 2008. Currently they are teaching architectural design at the European Institute of Design, Rome, and architecture for the InArch post-graduate masters in sustainable architecture.


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