new secondary school of Osio Sotto (Bergamo province)
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Going to school inside a park

Vegetation and the cycle of seasons are the true protagonists of the new secondary school of Osio Sotto (Bergamo province)


new secondary school of Osio Sotto (Bergamo province)
By TECO+partners -

The basic idea behind the project by TECO+partners for the new lower secondary school of Osio Sotto (Bergamo province), located inside a public park, derives from a dialogue with the surrounding natural context. The entire façade is organized according to a pattern of horizontal lines with vertical slats. The texture creates a geometric game originating from the form of the windows and glazed surfaces, while the color scheme of the finishing, in different shades of greens and reds, reflects the way the surrounding vegetation changes its tones and colors following the cycle of seasons. The different surfaces reflect the light in different ways, creating a lively rhythm on the façade and giving the building a mutable appearance.

Osio Sotto lower secondary school - TECO+partners © Fabio Mantovani, courtesy of TECO+partners


Flexibility and adaptability

The internal organization develops the theme of “functional convertibility”. The didactic spaces are disciplined by a basic modular pattern that allows strong integration between didactic needs, layout, structure and equipment, ensuring flexibility and adaptability both in terms of capacity and of different uses. All the classrooms open towards the external vegetation in a strict relationship with the surrounding context, the true protagonist of the rooms. The windows are both wide and tall, opening onto the park to capture the light and inviting the students to look towards the horizon that, from the first floor upwards, offers a spacious view.


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Location: Osio Sotto, Bergamo Italy
Completion: 2021
Area: 3,947 m2
Client: Municipality of Osio Sotto
Architect: TECO+partners
Design team: Luigi Benatti, Matteo Serradimigni, Massimo Savini, Claudia Pacchiega, Patrizio Chiavarini, Chiara Utili, Sergio Baisini

Photography by Fabio Mantovani, courtesy of TECO+partners

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