New Pascoli School, redevelopment of a historical building in Turin
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New G. Pascoli School, redevelopment of a historical building in Turin

Archisbang Associati

New Pascoli School, redevelopment of a historical building in Turin

With its redevelopment of Scuola Pascoli in Turin, Archisbang took up the challenge of creating spaces for innovative teaching methods within a protected historical building, marked by numerous structural and cultural constraints. It set out to reduce the barriers between the classrooms and the school’s magnificent corridors, which became areas for study and recreation.

The design of the interiors both reflects and enriches the project’s educational aims, enhancing the strengths of the existing building while interpreting its critical elements as starting points for innovative and unusual solutions. Bright large spaces, a connection between the interior and exterior, and fully accessible classrooms are part and parcel of an ongoing approach to education in which the physical environment of the building is not only at the service of teaching but also becomes an integral part of it. The school becomes an inclusive space in which to rediscover – both inside and outside the classroom – the fun dimension of learning, as well as a reference point for both children and the local community.

The most complex aspects of the project included building a roof terrace, moving the entrance by creating a fully accessible internal atrium, and building a new mezzanine floor to house the library. While all of these elements have massively rejuvenated both the school and its operation, the guiding principle for each was to respect and enhance the building’s original architecture, increasing its potential, much of which had been covered over years ago by previous work carried out on a low budget. A striking example is the uncovering of the magnificent coffered ceiling, which now crowns the conference room and gym area.

The redevelopment of the interior spaces was an integral part of a rethink of the entire building, aimed at creating a school with its sights set firmly on the future, with contemporary spaces and solutions, while preserving the key elements of the original building. The project offers a real insight into the enormous flexibility of historical buildings for redevelopment.

Site: Torino, Italy
Design Team: Archisbang associati, Areaprogetti s.r.l.
Consultants: Chiara Devecchi (acoustic consultant)
Client: Fondazione per la scuola della Compagnia di San Paolo
Size: 2.900 sq
Timing: 2017 - competition, 2018 | 2019 - building site, 2019 September - opening

Photographers: Simone Bossi Photographer, Ernani Orcorte Fotografia, Marco Giai Via, courtesy Archisbang Associati

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