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New headquarters BPT Group

New headquarters BPT Group
By Editorial Staff -
Metra has participated in the project
The new headquarters of BPT GROUP - long established in video-intercoms, heat regulation, domotics and security - was designed by ScianStudio and Studio Bruni and stands on the industrial estate of Sesto al Reghena, flanking the A28 motorway from Portogruaro to Pordenone. With its compact shape the building rises out of a moat on all sides. The outer curtain walling is traversed by light horizontal slits for windows which can be seen from the motorway at night as blue stripes. Where the elevations meet on the motorway side one has the contrast of broad glazed surfaces open onto the hall and around the private garden court. The building looks inwards onto itself and the hall, stretching three storeys in height, is flooded with light from the huge south-facing window, shielded by brise-soleil aluminium sunblades fitted on the outside. Central management occupies four floors: the groundfloor comprises reception rooms, a lecture hall, auditorium and showspace. The floors above are open plan except for the top floor with its executives’ offices. The whole building is monitored by the BPT “Home Sapiens” domotic system of sensors on all surfaces controlling access, lighting, fire protection and air conditioning.
An atmospheric switchboard records the outside temperature, sunlight exposure, wind speed and other parameters bearing on temperature and light regulation via screens and heating/cooling systems, thus optimizing the energy yield. The structural façades and outside metal cladding emphasize the technological spirit. The curtain-walling and strip window frames following the curvature of the structure used the Metra Poliedra-Sky 50 system. Inside the façade there are tilt-and-turn window casements and doors from the NC 65 STH system, while those opening outwards adopt the Poliedra-Sky 50 system. Sun protection on the outside is by motorized roll-down filter curtains fixed to the façade grille by aluminium brackets. The strip window casements with their tilt-and-turn opening mechanism are set into the inner cavity on special meta lsub-frames, using a modular system where they have to follow the curving line of the building. Transparent infill panelling used selective Energy glass units, while the outer ventilated façade cladding is comprised of composite aluminium panels, curving where necessary.

Via Stacca, 1
I - 25050 Rodengo Saiano (BS)
Tel. +39 030 6819.1
Fax +39 030 6810363
E-mail: [email protected]

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