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New Emergency Department

New Emergency Department
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VM Zinc has participated in the project
Recognizability, urban and environmental impact, and the functional organization of interior spaces were the guiding principles behind Centro Studi Progettazione Edilizia’s (Paolo Felli, Romano Del Nord, Antonio Andreucci, Giulio Felli, Corrado Lupatelli) design for Parma Hospital’s emergency department. The new building, which replaces an existing structure, is slightly elevated above Via Abbeveratoia, creating the impression of a kind of spacecraft. It is surrounded by terraced gardens that mark the course of the road to the ambulance bay and the walkway that leads to the public entrance. Inside are the triage and waiting areas, outpatient clinics, and offices. Sustainable materials and technologies were used to achieve environmental compatibility and humanize the interior. Natural and artificial light were integrated to contribute to both energy saving and create a high level of comfort for users. The exterior of the building is strongly defined by its VMZINC titanium zinc cladding, pre-painted in Quartz Zinc light grey. The cladding surrounds the building with a kind of perforated mesh that filters both light and colour, creating a particularly impressive effect in the evening. The radial bands of the cladding continue up to the roof with its central skylights. The double-seamed cladding was installed by Lattoneria Gallina.

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