New "Casa Starpool": a project that expresses the corporate values
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New "Casa Starpool": a project that expresses the corporate values

New "Casa Starpool": a project that expresses the corporate values

The new “Casa Starpool” is a building that represents the company and its values ​​of transparency, accessibility, welcome and hospitality.

Nestled by the mountains of Trentino and surrounded by the luxuriant woods of the Val di Fiemme, the new Starpool headquarters is "alive, breathing, moving." This is how Riccardo Turri, CEO, talks about it, considering it a real creature. Casa Starpool is the physical place where the supply chain originates and develops, the seat of a community of people who work together, the heart of an idea of ​​well-being, the symbol of the brand and of a certain way of doing business and of telling about oneself. All these interdependent dimensions constitute a coherent narrative and are conceived as components of a single large organism.

The refurbishment and extension project was guided by some key elements such as compositional cleanliness and the maximum balance of proportions, but also the presence of production and workers.

The new building, designed by aledolci & co studio, stems from the desire to expand the work spaces of this growing company, as the size of the building already enlarged in 2006 was no longer sufficient, to improve efficiency and comfort and to strengthen the corporate identity through a unique architectural message. An important project that comes as a corollary of a internal reorganization, growth and development path, which began in 2015/2016, with the support of a team of Lean Management experts.

“It was a fundamental step for our company in this moment of growth: first we focused on internal reorganization, on processes, operations, teams and people; all intangible aspects but vital for any company. Only later did we design the most suitable "house" to host this change, to tell and represent it towards the outside": explains Massimo Libretti, Technical Area Manager.

The construction site works followed the same approach, starting first from the inside, the production lines, the work environments and subsequently intervening on the exterior and the facade. Thanks to the new building structure, it has been possible to reintegrate the satellite production areas that have developed over time. Only the carpentry remained decentralized with respect to the nucleus of Via Stazione 25. The key point of the intervention is to make the original building and the subsequent extensions of 2006 and 2019 identifiable as a single organism, gathering them in a single functional and aesthetic thought, which becomes architectural expression of the design identity developed by Starpool over the years.

"Over the years, Starpool's design identity has taken on more and more substance through the design of the products, the graphics, the setting up of the stands, the creation of iconic spas and showrooms" – says Alessandro Dolci, architect.

Today, gathered in a single floor, the production departments are places for people, spaces of light in constant evolution, always open to guests and visitors who can view all the phases of creation of a Starpool object. In this context, customers become guests, participate in the business process and breathe an air of familiarity, which has always been a fundamental value in Starpool. «We produce well-being. We give shape to beauty. The environment in which we live every day, where ideas and achievements are born, must correspond to these values ​​of well-being and beauty and must be able to help their development": continues Libretti.

The entrance garden, with parking reserved for guests, is the first space dedicated to welcoming guests. The first step into Starpool therefore takes place outdoors. The access filter is the vegetation, which changes over the seasons and years. The passage is transparent, filtered only by green. The new façade is the result of the complete renovation of the existing façade which has entirely changed the compositional elements in order to emphasize the corporate identity. Now the Starpool front is organized, defined, intense in colors and materials, but also transparent, permeable towards the garden and the road in front. The concrete parapets have been replaced with the current glass ones to perceive the activity that takes place within the company made above all of working people.

These woods give us a lot: they inspire and oxygenate us. Thus we wanted to use local fir for the façade, treated as we do for our saunas. Attention to environmental sustainability is the direct consequence of living in this special place that has always welcomed us. We let natural light in wherever possible. The air circulates, ideas circulate, and guests circulate too. They come to find out where and how our products are born. We stimulate their curiosity, we invite them to touch them. Only by trying can one understand, and then love. Transparency becomes a communication vehicle, a way to make our company's values ​​visible”, says Turri enthuses.

Last but not least, the "human factor" is central to those who deal with well-being. “You can't offer what you don't have. Therefore we do not want to limit ourselves to exporting well-being to the outside: it is an experience that we must all know and share. So, in addition to extending and enhancing the spaces, creating comfortable environments, we let the entire Starpool team test and use our products. On site we designed two wellness areas and various wellness spaces that can be used constantly by employees, together with a “Zerobody” area available to recover energy and receive an immediate boost. In addition, each new employee, upon arrival, is invited to spend a whole day in the spa to discover the benefits of wellness. It is important to feel involved, to be aware of being part of a group and a project that need everyone's skills, and to become true ambassadors of well-being”.


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Location: Ziano di Fiemme

Project: aledolci&co

Photographs: Gaia Panozzo

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