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Nestlé’s Italian Headquarters

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By Redazione The Plan -
Videoworks has participated in the project

Nestlé’s headquarters in the Milanofiori Nord area of Milan use permeability, reflection and the decomposition of volumes to become a unifying feature in a landscape marked by a wood to the north and the surrounding built fabric. 

The central courtyard is key to the layout, providing a wonderful place where people can bump into each other and talk in a space filled with greenery. It also provides a source of natural light that boosts interior comfort. 

The glazed outer envelope combines transparent and opaque sections, while the substantial size is lightened through the decomposition of the volumes that rest on a basement level, but then rise to different heights with varying protrusions. 

The six-floor complex houses about 1,300 staff. The entrance faces onto a semi-urban pedestrianised piazza and, inside, the foyer hall also looks out directly onto the courtyard and is filled with the light that floods in through the giant skylight. 

Flexibility was at the heart of designing the office spaces, with the focus on collaboration, communication between people and creativity. 

The numerous rooms for meetings, the auditorium, the canteen and the various classroom spaces have projectors and sound systems that were designed and installed, right down to the software, by Videoworks, which was chosen on the back of its two decades of experience in audio/video systems, automation, entertainment and IT systems for the architecture, conference and mega-yachts sector. Many of the spaces can be used to hold meetings and videoconferences, or can be combined for extended meetings or lessons. Alternatively, lessons, conferences and seminars can be streamed and recorded. 

The entire system has monitoring capabilities to check device performance and an alert system tied to scheduled maintenance. The need to integrate the devices into the furnishings and structures required the creation of some custom components, which Videoworks worked on closely with the designers. 


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