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Nef Atakoy 22

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Nef Atakoy 22

Nef Ataköy Mixed-Use project is developed by Nef and it is located in the Ataköy neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey. This transit-oriented mixed-use development includes six high-rise towers with a podium block and underground parking. There are about 1,500 residential apartments units that are mostly micro-units housed in five high-rise towers. Office spaces are planned at a high-rise tower and at two stories of the podium. The podium also includes a retail mall at the street level that will promote pedestrian activities between the two public transportation stations located at both ends of this development.
Central to the development is a curvilinear canyon-like space that flows through the site, bringing air and light to the lower levels of the podium. This multi-level linear courtyard galvanizes human activities throughout the development. The courtyard is continuous at the low- est level and is composed of various unique gardens and pavilions in- tended to bring greenery and natural elements to this central space. The architectural expression of the residential towers takes on an organic flow-like language that is accentuated by the use of lime- stone, glass fiber-reinforced concrete panels and ribbon windows. The massing of the residential towers terraces back to achieve the objectives of bringing daylight into the central courtyard and creat- ing private residential terraces. In contrast to the curvilinear form at the upper portion of the towers, the podium-level garden apartments are housed in a faceted, zig-zag-like massing that unifies the various tower blocks.
The design of the residential and home office units is developed based on the developer’s unique vision. Modestly-sized units are offered but augmented with an extensive suite of shared facilities. Such ameni- ties range from private cinemas to basketball courts that promote the social aspect of high-density living.

Nef is a unique real estate brand working not in square-metres but in square-centimetres. Nef’s aim is to be a brand that designs finely thought-out, quality living spaces. In order to create life-giving and indispensible oeuvres just like the breath we take, Nef is engaged in a number of lifestyle and design projects.
With its 7 series for homes, offices, suites, apartments, flats, dorms and residences, Nef produces projects that are distinct. With its projects and patented inventions such as Foldhome and Foldoffice, Nef appears at world design fairs since 2011 alongside the products of the world’s most important designer. Nef’s objective is to make design no longer a luxury, but rather an essential part of people’s daily life.

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