Narodowe Forum Muzyki Auditorium
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Narodowe Forum Muzyki Auditorium

Kurylowicz & Associates Architecture

Narodowe Forum Muzyki Auditorium
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Prodema has participated in the project

Narodowe Forum Muzyki is a cultural and musical institution located in Wrocław. The complex, designed by Kuryłowicz & Associates Architecture, lies only a short walk from the centre. It has four concert halls, a recording studio, practice rooms, conference rooms and offices, an exhibition area, restaurants, a music shop and areas for local associations. 

The building sits opposite the historic Wrocław Opera house on Wolności Square, creating in an architectural style that draws dynamically on museums, religious buildings and institutional structures. 

The brownish-red exterior cladding is made of wooden panels from Prodema’s ProdEX range, picking up on the traditional colour of brickwork while also hinting at the hues and materials often used for musical instruments. The panels are in a 2,440x610 m horizontal pattern to vaguely mimic a brick wall, while the combination of closed (of increasing thickness towards the top) and glazed bands adds dynamism and lightness. 

At the top, a section clad in panels in a gilded aluminium colour is a double allusion to the architecture of domes and brass instruments. The design for the interior focused on achieving the highest acoustic standards and making sure plenty of use could be made of the concert halls by allowing them to be reconfigured to meet the demands and size requirements of differing orchestras. 

Narodowe Forum Muzyki adds a key venue in the city landscape and a vital place for the many associations based there. Yet, it is also a contemporary building in which architecture and music merge, and the structure interacts dynamically with the surrounding urban context. 



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