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Unique Decorations and Customized Textures for External Coatings

Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership | A&A Architects

Muzeiko Museum
By Editorial Staff -
Fundermax has participated in the project

Individual solutions, material textures, customized motifs. These are options that Max Exterior by Fundermax opens up for architects, providing products that bring a unique, iconic look to projects. The collection is remarkably versatile, ranging from solid colors to patterns that reproduce a series of material textures (including wood). Despite this decorative variety, these products also age superbly even in the face of the elements. At the heart of this durability is the fact that Max Exterior panels are UV and hail resistant, shockproof and easy to clean. It is such features that make these panels an option for rear-ventilated façades and balcony cladding, as well as for other uses, such as outdoor furniture, sports equipment and pitches, false ceilings and even sunscreens with decorative millings that allow light through.

Customizable in every detail, Max Exterior provides architects with extensive design freedom as they can choose the finish and the fastening system, which can be
hidden - with gluing or undercut anchors -
or visible, with screws or rivets.

The four size options optimize panel cutting to project requirements, improving cost effectiveness for a product that is already easy to install, stable over time and does not require edge sealing.

The versatility of the colors, shapes and size of Fundermax panels creates the dominant motif for the interiors and exteriors at the Muzeiko Children’s Museum in Sofia designed by Angel Zahariev (A&A Architects) and Lee H. Skolnick (Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership), where the volumes are clearly designed to reflect the mountainous topography of Bulgaria. Three large, sculpted shapes, similar to mountains, interrupt the building’s linear glass structure in a combination of colors and textures that alludes to the local embroidery, ceramic and wood carving traditions. Nature and tradition merge in this multifaceted, colorful structure that provides a wonderful demonstration of the extensive potential of Fundermax’s customized decors.

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