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Multiplex Cinema Giometti

Multiplex Cinema Giometti
By Editorial Staff -
Metra has participated in the project
For the Giometti group’s Multiplex cinema at Matelica the architectural plans compact together the four auditoriums. The building is laid out as a quadrangle intersected by a cross of corridors and access spaces meeting at a central hub. The lengthwise axis has access walkways on two heights: the supporting structure is of laminated wooden beams with galvanised steel handrails. This cross corridor plan makes the building dynamic to look at and dynamic to use.
The waiting areas are on the groundfloor crosswise axis which separates high-tech auditoriums lined with ‘topakustik’ (PATT by Fantoni) sound-proofed walls and ceilings. Reception and bar catering are fully provided for: a discreetly tucked away waiting zone with armchairs and video-TV facilities; bars on both floors; multi-purpose areas. From being just a multiple cinema, it thus comes to accommodate longer stays: a meeting point where special events can be put on, the public ushered along receding passageways that are visually stimulating, well-lit and in a careful mixture of colour.
The design decisions and architectural language ensure the building feels decidedly modern, a place whose image seeks to please. It is constructed out of separate parts: the elevations are in mixed technologies: curtain walling systems devised by Promo on Metra Polyedra-Sky 50 aluminium profiles, and the outer skin lined with Parklex Façade multi-ply panelling. The effect of this combination of materials, technology and colour is particularly evident in the front elevation containing the foyer entrance. Set off-centre, this last opens into a foyer area between the ticket office booth and the corridor leading to the central areas and auditoriums.
A concrete slab juts out as a canopy, a pronounced feature in the façade architecture. Seen from this side, there is an expressive juxtaposition of steel profile bearing structure clad in brightly-coloured galvanised steel panels, then the outer façade cladding of laminated high-density wood panels as proposed by Parklex for stability of colour, durability and toughness; and finally Metra glass curtain walling set into the Promo mounting system.

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