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Studio Fabio Novembre

Mondo Milan Museum
By Editorial Staff -
Paolo Castelli Spa has participated in the project

Italian football giants AC Milan’s new headquarters was designed by the Fabio Novembre practice and includes a ground-floor museum that, with a floor area of 1,100 sq m, sweeps through the club’s history from its founding in 1899 to the present.
An iconic, high impact design defines each room, coupled with cutting-edge interactive technology.
The design by Fabio Novembre was bolstered by having Paolo Castelli oversee the furnishings and, as general contractor, the internal fittings, including the plasterboard additions, floors, wall decorations and painting. Customisation was central to the entire design, with every detail in each room done to the client’s specifications. The colour palette is dominated by black, red and gold, while the primary materials are wood - painted and laminated - and glass. At the heart of the design are the large, celebratory, symbolic objects that Paolo Castelli created in cooperation with artists and artisans, including a full-scale sculpture of a helicopter and a gigantic reproduction of the UEFA Champions League Cup. The latter is found in the Trophy Room, a space shaped like a cup and decorated with a gold-leaf finish applied entirely by hand.
By teaming up with Google, it was possible to give the design a real technological edge, with LED monitors, touch screens and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) combining to make a truly interactive visitor experience.
Paolo Castelli drew on its vast experience to manage and coordinate all design and creation phases, ensuring members of its team were always on site to help get the most out of the architectural design and ensure the client’s goals and spirit were perfectly interpreted.

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