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Minimal doors and windows

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Minimal doors and windows
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Wooden doors, windows and shutters might have their roots in the artisan carpentry tradition, but they have slowly developed through the adoption of industrial manufacturing technologies, associations with other materials and the need to meet ever more complex aesthetic and performance demands. Today, companies in this industry are expected to guarantee millimetric precision with rapid production and installation, potentially for a customized solution. These are real challenges and require constant technological training and close cooperation with designers to predict upcoming trends and develop suggestions. Born of Falegnameria Aresi’s own research, Minimal is a range of products designed to improve a building’s insulation while fitting harmoniously into practically any style and architectural approach. At the heart of Minimal is the concept of using thin profiles (up to 5 cm visible) to exalt the wood in a light, minimal design. Minimal frames are integrated into the masonry and aluminum or other materials can be used as cladding, accenting architectural quality and choices while connecting the interior and exterior, allowing plentiful natural light to flood in. In Coldrerio, a town in Switzerland’s Ticino Canton, Minimal doors and windows were selected for a home designed by Krausbeck Architetto. The larch profiles frame extensive glazing designed to fill the interior environments with light. The wood is left natural on the interior, while the exterior of the profiles is clad in coated aluminum. Minimal doors and windows were also chosen for Rami Boutros’ design to restore and revamp a 1920s historic building in Beirut. The original style was a combination of traditional Lebanese with Art Deco hints. The doors and windows were custom produced to echo the architecture, ensuring excellent performance in a design that recalls a traditional style.


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