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Microtec Headquarters

A High-Precision Artistic Façade in Wood

Marco Sari

Microtec Headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
LignoAlp has participated in the project

The northern Italian city of Brixen is home to the headquarters of Microtec, a company specializing in scanning and optimization systems for the woodworking industry.

A recent project to extend its headquarters adopted a mixed construction technique, in which LignoAlp made, among other aspects, the exposed wooden ceiling above the ground floor, part of the perimeter walls and the artistic façade.

The front is characterized by a light wooden structure that embraces the building, in a combination of shapes and hues that represent Microtec and add movement and rotation to the volume. This decorative construction was designed by combining Escher’s hexagons with a series of triangles. To build it, 5,542 individual wooden slats in 78 different shapes and 3,818 joints were designed and cut with millimetric precision, then assembled in production into large, prefabricated elements that were mounted, joined and finished on site. Wood is also used extensively indoors for the structural elements of the ceiling, to clad the stairs and to partially separate the stairwell from the rest of the interior, using wooden slats. In the words of Marco Sari, the project architect, this decision was driven by the desire “to use traditional materials in a contemporary form in order to guarantee environmental sustainability and to make the visual perception of the built elements more appealing through the chromatic vibrations that are typical of natural materials, especially wood”.

Wood is not only a lightweight, versatile material, but also and primarily renewable and sustainable, features that when combined with its energy, thermal and sound insulating performance make it hardly surprising it can be used in almost countless different ways. For example, when used for furniture and furnishings, it adds a sense of wellbeing that improves quality of life.

LignoAlp has nearly a century of experience crafting wood and today it produces made-to-measure wooden constructions of all kinds, from family homes to multi-story buildings, for private, business, retail, hospitality or public use. The company’s quality is bolstered by the professionalism of its specialized carpenters and structural engineers, as well as the use of computerized numerical control machines, which guarantee millimetric precision in cutting and milling.

Via Julius Durst, 68 - I - 39042 Bressanone (BZ)
Tel +39 0472 975790
E-mail: [email protected] - www.lignoalp.com

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