MGallery Palazzo Tirso Hotel
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MGallery Palazzo Tirso Hotel

Custom Design for a Timeless Building

Studio Marco Piva

MGallery Palazzo Tirso Hotel
By Editorial Staff -
Lualdi has participated in the project

The five-star MGallery Palazzo Tirso hotel, the result of a renovation by Studio Marco Piva, is located in the former headquarters of Società Elettrica Sarda (S.E.S.), an integral part of Cagliari’s urban landscape since the 1920s. In an effort to preserve the historical value of the building, the architects, with the backing of the client, Gruppo Puddu Costruzioni, succeeded in creating a connection with the pre-existing building. Enhancing part of the original structure using a language of continuity, but in a paradigm of ethical and sustainable choices, the designers created innovative and dynamic spaces where custom-made furniture and colorful materials, linked to the history of the area, offer guests a unique experience. As part of this, one of the companies the architects turned to was Lualdi, whose doors enrich the spaces with timeless elegance.

Each room was carefully designed, particularly to ensure the functional needs of the space were optimally met. For example, on the ground floor, the bar, reception and Terra restaurant have been furnished with custom solutions designed by the architects. The rest of the level is taken up by a wine cellar, which can be used for private socializing or business meetings. This section is enhanced by the essential glass and aluminum esthetics of the L7 Pivot door, designed by Piero Lissoni, in a special gray reflective glass finish on both sides plus a custom handle. 

Sliding 50 door and partition system is a 350 cm-high partition in burgundy laminate with a brushed brill sliding door and custom handle. In this project, it elegantly separates the services for the conference area from the rest of the space. On the same floor, in the bar and restaurant area, Rasomuro flush doors were chosen, integrated into the paneling provided by the client, along with the L7 hinged model, with reflective gray glass doors on both sides. 

On floors one through four, Filo Rei 60 doors in wood or matte lacquer, once again integrated into custom paneling and including a lock and badge reader, provide access to the 85 guest rooms, including eight standard suites and a presidential suite. The project includes a basement spa and a scenic rooftop that houses the property’s second restaurant, Cielo, which spans the terrace with bar and lounge areas, and breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Once again, L7 pivot and hinge doors bring a new dimension to the entrances to the utilities and non-utilities spaces – their sophisticated elegance and distinctive finishes are an ideal way to furnish a variety of spaces. 

Playing with colors, lights and transparencies, Lualdi’s solutions, visible on every floor of MGallery Palazzo Tirso, fit perfectly into the dialectic between historical building and modern structure, just as the architects wanted. 

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