Metrostone - Range of thin eco-resin for concrete floors and walls?
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Metrostone - Range of thin eco-resin for concrete floors and walls?

Edited By Editorial Staff - 25 February 2015

The perception of a room is tied to the quality of the architecture, the materials used and the colours of the finishings for the surfaces. The paint and decorative resins division of the Gruppo Ivas, Metropolis’s work with materials and colours is based on the understanding these elements define and characterise a space, influencing spatial perception and the emotive effect on users. The colours and materials chosen for floors and walls are not simply decorative additions, but part of the architecture. Such an approach was behind Metropolis’s creation of three product lines - Colors, Urban Effects and Resins - that draw inspiration from the charm of external urban settings to create products that suggest ideas and produce differing tactile and chromatic responses. These products are designed to combine continuity between walls and floors with simultaneously helping to get the most out of the architecture and the furnishings. Since Metropolis products can be applied both to newly laid concrete and existing stone or ceramic structures, they are ideal in renovations, revamps and regeneration projects. The Resins line includes the Metrostone eco-cement resins, which can be used for floors, walls or even for matching finishings. Metrostone allows transpiration, but is abrasion resistant and doesn’t yellow with age. It comes in a range of soft colours - with numerous grey hues - that can have a smooth concrete, oxidised concrete or vintage decapé effect.
The surface can be treated to obtain a metallic finish for shiny, or two-coloured and multi-coloured brushed effects. The complete system includes Metrostone Primer (a new generation undercoat that can be used on ceramics and other hard-to-paint surfaces), Metrostone Level (self-levelling and quick-drying mortar, to be used for existing floors, including ones with differences in wear), Metrostone Cem (concrete skim coat for walls and floors) and Metrostone Matt K (polyurethane resin for waterproofing).

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