Metal Structures for a Historic Building
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Metal Structures for a Historic Building

Ersel Bank Headquarters

Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia

Metal Structures for a Historic Building
By Editorial Staff -
Gonzato Group has participated in the project

Via Caradosso in Milan is home to a small architectural gem: a 1930s building designed by Agnoldomenico Pica and Pietro Cassinoni that now houses the headquarters of Banca Ersel, which took over the building in 2018. The building was then completely revamped, under the guidance of Altelier(s) Alfonso Femia, which supervised the project after carefully exploring its history. By studying the origins and the changes it has undergone over the years, the architects were able to come up with an innovative esthetic and a way to functionally update the building, while fully respecting the existing structure. 
The building is characterized by rigorous geometries, with four floors and a basement, and the renovation included the construction of a new roof, the addition of a green space in the courtyard, and the creation of a spacious lobby. 
The restoration of the main façade was carried out with great care and discretion, focusing on enhancing the original compositional elements and improving the energy efficiency of the building envelope through the installation of new high-performance windows and doors. On the front facing the courtyard and on the roof, however, a series of custom-made additions were manufactured by Gonzato Group, a company that has been in the business of semi-finished products and modular metal systems for over half a century. The project involved the construction of an integrated steel structure with aluminum profiles to make the loft space habitable and to act as a brise-soleil, discreetly but effectively protecting the interior spaces and terraces from sunlight. The metal structures produced by Gonzato Group are at the heart of the success of the work on the interior courtyard’s façades, embellishing and enhancing the building while respecting its historical past and creating a design bridge between different eras.
The work is completed by the elegant parapets of the access steps and by a majestic steel dome that protects the main entrance, emphasizing the compositional unity of the entire project and entering into an open dialogue with the imposing aluminum roof that houses the external elevator, finished in Rose Brass, like all the other added components. 

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