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Mercedes-Benz Italia Headquarters
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Zumtobel Group has participated in the project

The design by Roberto Bianchi from the MPPM practice sought to centralize six previously separate buildings at Mercedes-Benz Italia in Rome in a single complex to improve employee comfort and optimize business efficiency at the national headquarters. The brief focused on creating a compact, welcoming and energy efficient setting that would also be highly functional. The volume rises four floors above ground, with basement level parking, and it is centered on a courtyard that provides greenery for the ground floor and room for an extensive terrace for the next floor up. Much of the working area is open space, covering three levels overlooking both the inner courtyard and the exterior to benefit from the natural light allowed in by the glazed walls. The acoustics, temperature, humidity and lighting were all carefully analyzed to ensure user wellbeing in both working and common areas. For example, the lighting project was developed in cooperation with the Zumtobel Group, which adopted a multi-brand lighting solution to provide the ideal fit for each space. This targeted choice of products - using both standard and customized options - was adopted not only to provide optimal lighting for work requirements, but also to convey the correct emotional sense. For the open spaces and corridors, large recessed Thorn lights were chosen, placing them in the modular panels of the false ceiling. In the double height entrance hall, a selection of Zumtobel, Sattler (customized) and custom made LED lines were used, integrating these into the structures to accompany the building geometry, define the differing spaces and exalt the choice of materials. The lighting for the soaring external covered exhibition area required powerful, ceiling-mounted Zumtobel luminaires. In the canteen, it was decided to opt for unconventional lighting, using a Zumtobel LED system that creates soft, but richly-contrasting light that enhances the architectural language, materials and finishes.

Panos Infinity Q:
recessed downlights used in the corridors
Tecton WW: continuous row lighting for the main double-height hall
Supersystem 2 Recessed: accent lighting in the hall and bar
Axon: pendant linear lighting to accentuate the reception area
Craft M: high-bay luminaire built into the ceiling in the external covered exhibition area
Intro: modular adjustable lights for the canteen
1200x600mm: ceiling panels for the open-space offices and corridors

LED AWG lines: perimeter lighting for the corridor overlooking the hall Sattler Pendants (customized): entrance hall lighting


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