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A Step Toward the Offices of the Future

Il Prisma

Mediaset Group Headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
DVO has participated in the project

Flexible working arrangements are not just a change in the way we work, but a profound shift in the way we conceptualize and structure our environments, and they require spaces that are flexible and adaptable, capable of meeting new demands and expectations that may not have been as prominent in the past. In the wake of the pandemic and the widespread adoption of remote or hybrid work models, many organizations have been forced to undertake projects and initiatives aimed at reconfiguring or renovating their offices to align with the changing dynamics of work and interpersonal engagement. 

Sede Gruppo Mediaset © Gianfranco Busanca, courtesy DVO

In such a context, Mediaset Group took the decision to launch a pilot project aimed at developing and testing innovative spaces, designed with adaptability in mind, to serve as a model for possible implementation in other company offices in the future. The project, designed by the architectural firm Il Prisma with custom furniture from DVO, is centered on the Cologno Monzese site, specifically on three floors of the company’s headquarters characterized by a distinctly traditional architectural style. Plans are already underway to extend this innovative model to other locations in a comprehensive multi-year strategy. From the first project drafts, a number of levers were identified on which to base the entire system: creating spaces for relaxed collaboration among colleagues, socializing despite the hybrid work model, and strengthening the sense of belonging to the company, to name just a few. This has translated into reconfigurable rooms and spaces, bookable meeting rooms available to all employees with equipment for collaboration, informal sharing and socializing spaces, and offices with unassigned workstations. However, there is no shortage of areas for small meetings or individual work, united by light and acoustic comfort. 

Sede Gruppo Mediaset © Gianfranco Busanca, courtesy DVO

For this project, DVO was asked to supply furniture for the work areas – for which the Entity collection was chosen, DV602 internal partitions, Rym meeting tables and Kyn metal bookcases, both modular, and finally cabinets and lockers. For the informal meeting areas, single curved glass walls were designed to provide acoustic and visual comfort in these spaces.  To ensure the same level of tranquility and privacy, the niches dedicated to short meetings are also covered with fabric and acoustic materials. 

Founded in 1990 and subject to management and coordination activities on behalf of We.Do Holding S.p.A., DVO is a company specializing in office and home office furniture, including custom-made products. Safety and sustainability have always been among the company’s key principles, leading it to obtain various certifications, such as the WELL Building Standard® – V2 and the LEED protocol, specifically for its interior partitioning and furniture systems.

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