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Mecanoo: People, Place, Purpose, Poetry


The Architects Series – A documentary on: Mecanoo is the 22nd instalment of this event organized by THE PLAN magazine for Iris Ceramica Group. This episode features a lecture on the design approach of the studio delivered by creative director and founding partner Francine Houben.

Established in Delft, Netherlands, in 1984, the Mecanoo architecture studio is a multidisciplinary team of creative professionals from 25 countries, including architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects, technicians, and support staff.

Mecanoo is led by Francine Houben (Creative Director & Founding Partner), Floris Overheul (Financial Director), Dick van Gameren (Design & Research Partner), and Partners/Architects Nuno Fontarra, Rick Splinter and Arne Lijbers.

The firm has extensive experience in designing and constructing high-performance buildings that both satisfy client expectations and create lively, innovative urban spaces. Every project reflects the three cornerstones of Mecanoo’s philosophy: People, Place, Purpose.

People,” because every project is the architectural translation of the needs of the client and end user. “Place,” because setting, climate, and culture are essential elements of the creative process.
Purpose,” because every project is a material response to defined objectives.

Some of its most important projects include: Delft University of Technology Library, Delft (1998); Llotja Theater and Congress Center, Lleida, Spain (2008); Kaap Skil Museum, Texel, Netherlands (2011); Library of Birmingham, United Kingdom (2013); Palace of Justice, Córdoba, Spain (2017); National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Taiwan (2018); The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, Washington (2020); and Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library, New York (2021).

Mecanoo works to offer unique solutions for every situation, combining the disciplines of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design in non-traditional ways to create buildings that can adapt to unforeseen change.


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