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Mario Cucinella Architects, creative empathy

MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects

Riding on the wave of the successful TV series, this video offers an entertaining and direct approach to the world of architecture. Top figures in the field provide us with an immersive experience, as we see the business through their eyes and by listening to their voices. Every two months, The Architects Series releases a new light yet dynamic look at architectural practices and how they work, featuring famous designers and emerging talents alike. The format of this series of “Architecture Shorts” is for the architects themselves to accompany us on a journey through architecture, all the way from ideation to development. Shot at the architects’ practices, they offer a backstage look at the design process, revealing many things that usually stay behind the scenes and invisible, delving into the architects’ “poetics”, where and how they trained, their sources of inspiration and their models. Designers talk us through their whole process, from initial idea to finished project, showing us the challenges, the changes and the final refinements. Each video is as unique as the narrators, their methodological approaches, and their professional lives. The exhibitions are designed to have broad geographical appeal. They raise the prominence of Italian architecture, of voices and processes that would otherwise be off the daily radar, ranging across the international stage into the American and British worlds. The project consist of two videos. The first - A documentary on - was shot at the architect’s practice before the exhibition conference; the second - Lecture - is a record of the exhibition opening, including an interview with the architect and the opening conference.

Mario Cucinella
Hon FAIA, Int. Fellow RIBA

Italian architect Mario Cucinella is amongst the most important architects practicing in Europe today with multiple award-winning international design projects. Not only is Cucinella’s work lauded for design excellence but he is an undisputed global leader in sustainable practices ranging from individual residences to urban master plans. The impact and significance of his work - both social and environmental - achieved in his role as an architect educator and have been recognized world-wide and most recently (2016) by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) who bestowed upon him the prestigious International Fellowship. In 2017 the American Institute of Architects (AIA)awarded him the prestigious Honorary Fellowship. For the 2018 Venice Biennale, Mario Cucinella will be the curator of the Italian Pavilion.

MC A Architects
Founded in 1992 by Mario Cucinella, the MC A Architects practice has offices in Bologna and New York. With an outstanding CV to its name, MC A Architects is one of the busiest architectural practices in Europe. Its international team of architects and engineers has earned the firm an international reputation for the high standards of its architecture and its R&D into energy and environmental sustainability. MC A’s work spans the areas of civil society, commercial, educational, healthcare, residential and urban reconversion. All of the practice’s projects are characterized by its attentiveness to sustainability and the adoption of strategies to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings.


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