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Slabs to Maximize Versatility

Maximus Collection
By Editorial Staff -
RAK Ceramics has participated in the project

Large slabs that are lightweight, easy to clean and designed to last – these are some of the key features of RAK Ceramics’ Maximus maxi slabs and countertops collection, a new generation of large-format tiles. Suitable for use in any environment, from residential to commercial, the Maximus slab is a particular favorite among architects and designers because it opens up new perspectives for the use of ceramics thanks to its sizes of 120x260 cm in 6 mm and 135x305 cm in 14.5 mm.

Collezione Maximus courtesy RAK Ceramics

The collection offers a wide range of variations, finishes and colors – from elegant whites, blacks and blues to warm natural tones – to meet any style requirement, from minimalist and modern to sophisticated and exotic, with graphics inspired by the veins of marble, the hues of natural stone, the materiality of concrete, the transparency of quartz and other sources of visual inspiration. No detail is left to chance, and for each large-format tile it is even possible to customize the edge, which might seem like a secondary benefit, but is actually central in complementing and defining the overall style. What sets Maximus slabs apart from others on the market is their excellent resistance to heat, frost, temperature changes, scratches and breakage combined with a non-porous surface that prevents the accumulation of dust or other residues, making them extremely hygienic and easy to clean. This feature is at the heart of CookingRAK, a hidden induction cooktop that is fully integrated into the kitchen countertop, combining esthetics and functionality in a perfect blend. Designed exclusively for use with 14.5 mm Maximus 135x305 cm slabs, CookingRAK allows one to prepare, cook and eat in the same space, maximizing versatility and conviviality. To make it easier to locate the cooking zones on the worktop, it can be customized with special markings, available in six different variants to ensure compatibility with any style and make the system suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The cooking zones are managed via a wired remote control or a dedicated app, which can be used to turn the system on and off, adjust the heat and set timers. CookingRAK uses less energy to cook food than traditional electric and gas systems, in keeping with the company’s commitment to sustainability. In fact, RAK Ceramics recently published its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report for 2022, documenting its achievements in the areas of social responsibility and caring for the planet. 

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