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Maximum Showroom
By Redazione The Plan -
In the centre of a large open space paved with maxi-slab tiles stands a tile-clad prism. This profusion of ceramic is at the heart of the new look of GranitiFiandre’s showroom for Maximum, a range of technical maxi-slabs (300x150 cm). Despite their size, they are never more than 6mm thick, offering true design freedom, flexibility and plenty of room for experimentation.
The showroom, designed by the Polish Medusagroup practice, extends over more than 250 m2, with floors and walls tiled with Maximum slabs in an array of shapes that spell out the name of the collection on the wall in large black letters.
The company, based in Reggio Emilia, has a prism for a logo, creating a clear symbolic reference to the structure at the heart of the showroom, while also conjuring up images of a crystal or the bow of a ship. The multifaceted surface reflects the light and forms a connection, through all the facets, to the shapes outlined on the walls and floor. The prism-like shape appears to hover, projecting forward but unexpectedly open on one side, where stairs lead up to a viewing platform designed to give visitors a new perspective on the room itself and, of course, the slabs.
Since the whole space is given over to the Maximum range, visitors can almost feel the extent of the collection, covering numerous elements from marble, and urban materials and textures, to black and white surfaces.
The installation gave the designers the chance to explore Maximum’s potential on an unusual, architectural - almost sculpted - object that stands as a testimony to GranitiFiandre’s desire to experiment and go beyond traditional material uses and concepts.
Next to the showroom, a separate section provides customers and designers alike with a lab area where they can meet up and jointly explore the creative potential of Maximum, experimenting with matching colours, sizes and finishings.

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