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A Symbolic Façade

Max Exterior Individualdecor
By Editorial Staff -
Fundermax has participated in the project

The headquarters of the Austrian food group Kastner, located in the town of Zwettl, is in a building that lacks overall unity because of numerous renovations and additions carried out in recent decades. In an attempt to increase the harmony between the original sections of the headquarters and the more modern additions, Kastner Group decided to completely overhaul the façade, calling on FunderMax to create new cladding that embraces the 170-m front elevation. Consisting of 900 Max Exterior Individualdecor panels (276x126 cm), the effect is highly visible and clearly recalls the typical granite mountains found in the Austrian region of Waldviertel. The design was produced by a renowned artist, Martin Kitzler, and it uses the juxtaposition of writings in different sizes, on the cladding, to express the group’s mission and values, while also exalting the apple, a highly symbolic item for this company in the food and everyday goods trade. The names of 81 varieties of apple appear on the façade, hinting at the group’s extensive and diversified product range. The texture used by the artist to decorate the individual letters of the background text is a further reference to the fine-grain rock that Waldviertel is famous for, creating a dynamic link between the meaning of the words and the local area, with its close connections to granite. FunderMax’s impeccable printing process - designed for both individual panels and composite cladding solutions with multiple panels, as in the case of the Kastner Group’s façade - was critical in making this elevation work, with millimetric precision that will endure over time.



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