Marrakech Congress Center
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Marrakech Congress Center

Tabanlioglu Architects

Marrakech Congress Center
By Tabanlioglu Architects -
Living Culture Respecting site’s history and texture, the congress center preserves essence of local values in terms of material use, patterns, colors and use of space. Project, basically housing a main conference hall, emerges from the inside out, and becomes a sheltered place of uniting international representations. Strong in/our relation provided by transparency, integrated spaces and through inner gardens and patios. Reference values of living culture and vernacular tradition, grants building ability to make the user think and feel in local ambiance. The robust looking structure enveloped by a natural stone facade articulated with perforations that allow diffused light to fill interiors; endless geometric patterns like mandala unifies the shell. During different hours of day, light shifts and plays across interior spaces and gardens creating a serene and natural environment, and imbues a hue while granting natural climate control system. Indentations create gardens at upper levels and form unique modules, so spaces distinguished from outside. Dynamic interior flow is initiated with the landscaped inner patio/atrium on the ground floor which is visible since the entrance of the building which is made through porticos, the middle one being the sublime port that is also a reference to striking local doors of Morocco.
Tabanlioglu Architects Melkan Gürsel - Murat Tabanlioglu
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