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A Dynamic, Lively Glazed Façade

Sarti Engineering

MARR Headquarters
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Promo has participated in the project

MARR is a leading specialist food-service distributor, able to trace its origins back 50 years to Rimini, on Italy’s Adriatic Coast. It recently moved 150 staff into its new
4,800 sq. m headquarters in the industrial and craft district of Santarcangelo di Romagna once the premises designed by Sarti Engineering were complete.

The new venue remains geographically close to the company’s historic base, but the building is now four floors with
2,700 sq. m of covered parking on the ground floor and numerous areas that can be used for meetings and show-cooking events. The roof was designed as a utilities space for the future installation of a photovoltaic system and panels.

The defining feature of the building is the completely glazed façade with a rhythmic mix of transparent and opaque sections that allow occasional glimpses into the inner workings or reflect the surrounding buildings and landscape, with the precise effect changing as the day progresses and the light changes.

The external infill walls, the metal structure of the entrance lobby, the glass envelope of the elevator shaft, the large main staircase and the metal structures of the top floor were made by Promo S.p.A., which blended multiple elements to produce the desired composition in which the envelope is dynamic and lively, giving the building a lightness despite the imposing size.

The framework structure of the elevations is filled with various glazed and opaque infills from the Schüco FWS 50 SG.SI system. In parts, the solar glass has a dark glazing on the interior side to block out the sun, in other areas adjustable Venetian blinds were added to the air cavity and in still other sections, aluminum panels were added.

The metalwork in the entrance lobby uses the Schüco AOC 60 SG ST.SI system, with the same type of solar double glazing as used for the façade infills.

The final pieces of the architectural composition of the lobby are the entrance protected by a glass canopy, the metallic staircase with a glass parapet, the envelope for the panoramic elevator and the glass parapets on the various floors that define the reception area and the basic space layout. The benches in the lobby were custom-designed with the company’s graphic identity, adding a small but important detail.

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