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Marazzi Group Headquarters

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Marazzi Group Headquarters
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The Marazzi Group has brought its headquarters back to the town of Sassuolo in the Province of Modena. Gianluca Rossi of Uainot Architetti was entrusted with the project of restoring the original office building and the company’s first factory site - known as Crogiolo, and subsequently used as a laboratory and research centre - as well as developing two new showrooms for the Marazzi and Ragno brands.

The move follows the recent opening of a brand-new factory in nearby Fiorano Modenese. Marking a return to the place where it all began some eighty years ago, the new and restored buildings showcase the many contemporary uses proposed by the company for ceramics.

Now stripped of the additions that over the years had changed its original shape, the office building stands as an uncluttered rationalist volume, its simplicity of line emphasised by the chiaroscuro finish on the main façade.

The new showrooms are based on two different concepts, clearly reflected in their spatial distribution. Designed by Stefania Vazquez, the Marazzi brand showroom has an internal surface area of 1,500 sq m and over 1,000 sq m outdoors. The dominant feature is three 6-m high monolithic towers completely clad in ceramic tiles and connected one to the other by a large upper floor landing. The monumental character of the space invites visitors to look upward and around in all directions, and is a fitting tribute to ceramics as a material for residential and contract use but also ideal for large-scale architectural projects.

Designed by Marta Meda, the Ragno showroom - 700 sq m inside and 200 sq m outside - illustrates how ceramics can embellish the home. A series of domestic environments shows the many and varied uses for ceramics, the different colour schemes and textures enhancing every room of the house, from day areas to the bedroom. Both showrooms run parallel to the nearby main road, their large glazed frontage offering ample visibility into the interior.

Lastly, the original two-level factory building, the Crogiolo, underwent careful conservative restoration. It is now an historic space for cultural and artistic events involving the local community, further underlining Marazzi’s return home.


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