MA House: a place to feel the wind off Lake Garda
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MA House: a place to feel the wind off Lake Garda

A home where you live in touch with nature and the city lights of Verona

ARCStudio Perlini

MA House: a place to feel the wind off Lake Garda
By Redazione The Plan -
Schüco has participated in the project

Midway between Lake Garda and Verona is a place that’s caressed by lake breezes but is still in sight of the distant city lights. This is a place that’s rich in springs, ponds, forests, countryside, and neat rows of vines. It’s a place that conveys a sense of tranquility and harmony because of its own balance of vineyards, and alpine and Mediterranean vegetation. It’s also a place with millennia of history, with sites dating from the Neolithic age. Here, on a hill with views of the changing colors of the changing seasons, sustainable architecture and interior design studio Michele Perlini (ARCStudio Perlini) has designed MA House. By virtue of the position of the site, the design leverages the features of the surrounding rural and historical landscape. But the private garden, which is large and surrounds the home, also creates a symbiosis with nature – an inseparable bond, if you like, possibly partly inspired by the same relationship with nature that the Romans had, who built their homes here and started growing abundant olive trees.


Between nature and architecture

MA House, ARCStudio Perlini ©Francesco Scandinavo, courtesy of ARCStudio Perlini

Greenery is certainly the leading player in both the garden and entertaining areas, of which there are many. Nevertheless, the pergola, swimming pool, and poolside area also play a fundamental role in giving the house an atmosphere of peace. Although, at first glance, the home might appear monolithic, efforts to dematerialize the external walls are soon seen in the form of numerous large windows, which, on the one hand, allow a constant connection between indoors and out and, on the other, stand out as points of light after nightfall. A good example is the open space living area and kitchen, but also the master and guest bedrooms, and the room that opens onto the terrace, with its equally transparent balustrades. Besides its function of contributing to the overall comfort of the home with the other design solutions, the terrace faces south and is functions to protect the façade from energy loss.

The amount of natural light brought inside the house by these windows is just one of the elements intended to contribute to sustainability, low environmental impact, and reduced energy consumption. Michele Perlini has, in fact, been committed for many years to approaching planning, architecture, and design with a close eye on the balance between humans and the environment. In 2016, he won the Cubo d’Oro, one of the most prestigious awards for sustainability.

The envelope of MA House, which features delicate tones that harmonize with the setting, and all services use the latest generation technologies. The same care has gone into the interiors, which mainly use natural materials. Stone, wood, water, and light are used to create sustainable, contemporary architecture with low energy consumption.

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Location: Verona, Italy
Architect: ARCStudio Perlini
Gross floor area: 500 m2
Completion: 2022
Suppliers: Schueco

Photography by Francesco Scandinavo, courtesy of ARCStudio Perlini

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