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Window on the World

Federico Babina

By Editorial Staff -
Edilpiù has participated in the project

Edilpiù has been around for 40 years and, as it reaches this threshold into middle age, it provides the perfect opportunity for redoubling its exploration of one of its core concepts: threshold, border, the relation between inside and outside.

This seeking has taken the practical form of a broad-ranging project that draws together art, architecture, music, sport and local areas in a docufilm entitled Openings. Looking beyond the limit. One piece in this puzzle is an installation by architect and illustrator Federico Babina called Lunette, a concrete, tangible exploration of the concept of a window and its relationship with architecture.

Housed in the gardens of Rocca di Lugo, in the province of Ravenna on the Adriatic coast, Lunette is a small construction that replicates the archetypal form of a house, but a house made solely with windows that is explored through the many and varied openings in the walls.

The windows themselves vary greatly in size and shape, allowing those inside to look out, but also those outside to look in, creating that endless dynamic of frame and border, limit and passage.

“The window is the main element of the house. The passage between the inside and the outside, the element that marks the rhythm between solids and voids. Like musical notes on a score, windows create the melody of architectural compositions. Windows are the diaphragms of the machine of living, the elements that control the light of the spaces that bring the landscape into the home”, explained Babina about this project. His work is definitely playful, but it also draws reflection and forces the viewer to look around and inside at this historical moment in time that has forced us to explore the meaning of home, that connection between inside and outside, the line between relationships and sharing. The project is also a manifest expression of the close relationship between Edilpiù and the town of Lugo, which the company founded by Gian Paolo Bacchini has called home since its creation in 1981.

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