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Lubasa Headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
Pellini has participated in the project
The Spanish headquarters of the real estate complany, Lubasa, at Castellón was designed by Jorge Sorribes and occupies a four-storey building standing in a growing commercial and management estate called Ciudad del Transporte. Besides its offices, the new complex provides all company personnel with catering facilities, a doctor’s surgery, a gymnasium complete with rehabilitation area, and a lecture hall. The prime feature of the building is its glass façade sections set like stones in an up-ended mosaic, alternating with portions of ventilated curtainwall clad in porcelain stoneware. The flexing shape of the glazed sections makes the building reflect inwards on itself, which gives these façades some shifting colour effects. Indoors, the workplace is provided with the right light and comfort conditions by screening of the outer glazed portions using a Pellini ScreenLine system of blinds incorporated inside the double-glazing unit. This technique offers advantages in terms of durability and energy yield, whilst being protected from dirt and the weather and hence not subject to maintenance. The blinds are moved by magnetic controls and the insulating efficiency of the double glazing is in no way affected. In this particular building, model SL20P was fitted which simply changes the slat alignment via a hand-operated outer knob. Long-lasting and easy to adjust, this model is eminently suitable for places like offices or public buildings where people are constantly coming and going.

Via Fusari, 19
I - 26845 Codogno (LO)
Tel. +39 0377 466411
Fax +39 0377 436001
E-mail: [email protected]

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