l+s loft door design and project identity
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l+s loft door design and project identity


l+s loft door design and project identity
By Editorial Staff -
Scrigno has participated in the project

This loft, designed by +studi, is in a new apartment block on the edge of the old heart of Vicenza. The +studi practice was responsible for the interior design, creating a loft of seamless open terraces, spaces and rooms. It has various "social" areas where friends and family can gather, and the more private, intimate areas that are central to a home. The perception of space is fluid, and the rooms - while clearly identifiable and each with their own character - merge to provide beautiful spaces in which Scrigno's flush doors are a key part in providing genuine design and furnishing freedom. The loft spreads across two floors. The first floor has the living area (with warm lighting and oak parquet in luminous hues), modern kitchen (in beige and black), the bedrooms and a terrace in the form of a hanging garden. The upper floor has a private sitting room and a second terrace with an external spa bath that is built into the wooden floor. The heart of the project is the open space for the kitchen, a symbol of visual and spatial continuity that opens onto the living areas and large balcony. Yet, as one enters the loft, the entrance hall is what draws one's attention, designed to be an integral part of the furnishings. It acts as a filter between the entrance and the kitchen and living area, while also providing access to the bedroom area. The walls are arranged in a geometric pattern of warm and earthy color squares. The same pattern is adopted in the bathroom and laundry to give a chromatic and visual trait d’union between the entrance and the living area. In both cases, +studi turned to Scrigno. The walls are characterized by the use of Essential Battente swing doors, which provide a real sense of aesthetic uniformity. By removing the jambs, keeping the frame as flush with the wall as possible and integrating the doors into the plasterboard walls and skirting boards, these doors add to the overall style, creating a linear, essential effect. The panels of Scrigno doors, which can be painted, varnished or covered in the same wallpaper as the rest of the room, offer excellent technical performance and durability.



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