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LignoAlp Office Building

LignoAlp Office Building
By Editorial Staff -
LignoAlp has participated in the project
Damiani-Holz&Ko, a company with branches at Bressanone and Nova Ponente in the Alto Adige, stems from a merger of two firms engaged in producing custom-built wooden houses and roofs which now bear the brandname of LignoAlp. With its experience in the sector, partnership in CasaClima, and staff of highly professional carpenters, designers and structure experts, LignoAlp is a rock-solid partner capable of handling any degree of design complexity for residential or non-residential constructions. One result of the merger was that the Bressanone offices needed to expand. These stand on the southern industrial estate by the banks of the river Isarco. Adjacent to the former building and connected to it by a covered walkway, the new office block designed by Modus Architects now stands as the company manifesto and proclaims the constructional potential of wood. The CasaClima Agency classifies it a Gold Nature Class building. Movement has been built into the four-square outline by façade cladding in wooden slats set in a wave-like pattern which changes in look as the sunlight reflects off the surface. Set back from the wooden facing, the window apertures filter daylight from outside and when lit up at night pick out the pattern of the cladding from inside. Two picture windows on the third floor, their frames encased by a thick band of Cor-ten steel, break up the all-wood surface and afford the rooms a prospect of the surrounding woodland. A reinforced concrete plinth protects the wooden structure from contact with the ground; the shuttering stamped the concrete with the pattern of wood veining, which makes a visual and tactile tie-up between the materials. Another textural feature is the use of Cor-ten on the main façade to line the entrance porch. The various construction ideas employed in these plans display the potential and versatility of wood as a building material. For the outer bearing walls the choice fell on a frame system with composite wall sections, while the central nucleus and lift shaft are made of multi-ply wooden walls where the layers are criss-crossed. A variety of solutions again went into building the floors, dry-constructed to enable all the conduits to be fed through. Wood also bulks large indoors: it is used for fixed furnishings, floors and ceiling lining. The patterns differ to distinguish and give character to the various rooms throughout the building.

Via Julius Durst, 68
I - 39042 Bressanone (BZ)
Tel +39 0472 975790
Fax +39 0472 975791

Via Breitenkofl, 17
I - 39050 Nova Ponente (BZ)
Tel +39 0471 616445
Fax +39 0471 616150

E-mail: [email protected]

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