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Unveiling natural stone

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Lifestyle, designed by Alessandro La Spada, is a series of 12 rooms in which the expressive potential of Antolini natural stone is unveiled. The eclectic use of stone is a deliberate choice to interpret these rooms in which color is used to great impact, with backlighting added to enhance the suggestive feeling and add to the lightness and sparkle of the materials by drawing out the nuances and veins. The exhibition moves through an area with stairs, bar, lounge, corridor, winery, bedroom, kitchen, living room, fitness hall, master bedroom, bathroom and a spa/indoor pool, providing an extensive panorama of Antolini stone and its potential uses. Sheen is the order of the day in the bedroom, with the backlit Irish Green wall as refined as a sharp-fitting fabric. The marble starts from the level of the bedside tables and rises behind the bed, reaching right to the ceiling. The same material, but without the lighting, is used for the walls, creating an opaque “container” that leads into the wardrobe at the rear. The bar is centered on an impressive Quartzite Cielo counter on a brass base. The golden veins of the stone pick up the hues of the brass, which is also used for the light fixtures and the display case behind. Bianco Lasa/Covelano “Vena Oro” marble was selected for the rear as it creates a uniform satin effect. The bathroom uses Bianco Lasa/Covelano “Vena Oro” for the floors in combination with Corteccia to clad the walls as the brown, cream and orange veins create a geometric texture that resembles the streaked look of trees. The colors of the Corteccia soft quartzite are picked up by the metallic profiles that, on the side walls, frame the full-height mirrors and the geometric shelves of the storage space. The fitness hall is characterized by the soft wave-like flow on the walls from the Calcite Azul “Extra” cladding. The material conveys a sense of relaxation, shifting between light blue and grey. The Calacatta Cielo marble on the floor continues the nuanced patterns, but on a bright surface of gold, beige, light blue and ivory. Antolini natural stones are selected from prestigious quarries around the world, with about 30 owned or managed directly by the company. Antonlini’s range has over 1,000 materials - including marble, granite, onyx, travertine, limestone, precioustone, shellstone and gemstone - so designers the world over can bank on top-class raw materials for their solutions in just about any sector.

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