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Natural stone design

By Editorial Staff -
Antolini has participated in the project

Designed by Alessandro La Spada, Lifestyle is a deliberate choice by Antolini to display, through twelve settings, the design versatility and aesthetic potential of its natural stones. These twelve environments present different, exclusive interpretations of Antolini materials, showing not only the range of products, but also the differing processing options offered by the company to draw out the brilliance, lightness and material feel of the stone. The wellness environment - with a spa and indoor pool - is dominated by Fusion Wow quartzite in differing treatments that exalt the versatility of the colors and veining. The spa has compact blocks of Fusion Wow “Multicolor”, in which the colors recall the earth’s power and energy. The walls have long, narrow light shafts that add a suggestive dynamism to the space. The back wall has a “scratched” look in Fusion Wow “Dark”, in a unique dappled blue that contrasts with the bright Fusion Wow “Light” floor, in green hues, that extends right across the space, even into the pool. The soft, curving lines of the wellness environment contrast with the geometric rigidity of the winery. In the center rises a large single-piece counter made in Jurassic Brown, with three finishes: polished, riven and hydro. The differing finishes not only provide examples of the material’s potential, but also exalt the sharp edges that characterize the block. Long, L-shaped shelves run along two sides of the perimeter, with the third wall - in Jurassic Brown in a split-face finish - designed to display wine bottles. The Alhambra Brown floor adds warmth to the entire space. The master bedroom is enveloped by backlit Sequoia Brown walls that surround this space, embracing the room and bathroom. The light filters through the pattern on the stone slabs to hint at an age-old wood, creating a dynamic relationship with the square washbasins in the center of the room that are also made with Sequoia Brown, but in a matt finish. The dark hues of Sequoia Brown also contrast with the white Bianco Lasa/Covelano “Vena Oro” floor, a wonderful Alpine marble from the Venosta valley.


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