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Lely Campus
By Editorial Staff -
Fantoni has participated in the project
The new headquarters designed by ConsortArchitects for the Dutch Lely Group is on the site traditionally used by the company, but this time the administrative and manufacturing buildings are combined on one campus. Located in Maassluis near Rotterdam, these premises are just off the highway and a near polder. The new complex was designed taking into account, from start to finish, architectural appearance, landscape integration, installations, interior design and lighting. This global vision was critical to the campus being awarded the highest level of BREEAM certification. The design brings together open spaces with more private areas to cater for all the different methods needed to conduct the business. The glazed walls provide plentiful natural light and expansive views of the landscape. The company firmly believes in smart working and it wanted this philosophy to be inherent in the layout of its offices. The work areas took into account the need for managers and staff to operate in comfort, while offering real flexibility and the option to share work stations. In practical terms, this meant installing 500 Quaranta5 desks by Fantoni, distinguished by their 45° edges. These desks have an adjustable height and they can be placed individually, in pairs or to form work islands. The line also includes meeting tables. The result is a pleasant and stimulating environment, in which 800 people work every day.

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