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Interaction with nature

Studio Ark'IT

LDN private residences
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Four family houses were built on the verdant lands around the historic Villa Krull near the center of Treviso. The landscape and environmental restrictions on this urban park created particular challenges for Andrea Rossetti from the ARK’it architecture practice when he designed the complex. In response, he sought to instill a dialogue with the surroundings through the use of simple, compact volumes that would add to and visually reflect the environment.
His solution is homogeneous, but not repetitive. The houses are all similar in size, with relatively uniform shapes and materials. From this basis, different elements are then added to differentiate and customize each building, taking into account the individual preferences of the owners. 
Each house has a solid, compact ground-floor section above which rises a lighter section clad in Trespa® Meteon® panels, in Naturals Hardened Brown, Metallics Malachite Green, Aluminium Grey and Graphite Grey. These panel-clad blocks bring architectural unity to the entire project, while also adding a degree of variation because of the way the panels interact with the light and reflect the different views of the sky and the trees around. 
This adds dynamism and intensifies the interior-exterior connection that is based on large glazed sections through which plenty of natural light enters each house. The glazing also provides enjoyable views of the park for people inside and, on the ground floor, ensures spatial continuity between house and garden. 
Trespa® Meteon® panels are not only known for their aesthetics, but also improve the energy efficiency of the houses, through the ventilated façade. Reducing energy consumption was another key aspect of the project. Solar and photovoltaic panels were installed along with a home automation system to manage the lighting and heating.

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