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Lapitec Headquarters

Fabrizio Bettiol | Francesco Pascali

Lapitec Headquarters
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Lapitec’s headquarters in Vedelago, on the Veneto flatlands near Treviso, is effectively a manifesto, a window to showcase the full potential of Lapitec® sintered stone slabs, which lie at the very heart of the architecture, in almost every detail and finishing. 

The design is by Fabrizio Bettiol and Francesco Pascali, who did the exterior and interior design respectively, reinventing the shapes that characterise the complex. The façade is enclosed by overhanging frames, emphasising the jutting out and recessed volumes through the use of colour, and using both straight and sloping lines. At times, the continuity is broken by the use of lighter slabs that are lit up at night to create glimpses of light. The design truly experiments with the potential of Lapitec®, which produces large rectangular slabs (3,365x1,500 mm) that can be adapted to most project shape and size requirements. 

The overhanging sections, clad in ivory slabs, contrast with the grey of the recessed walls, highlighting the light/shadow interplay produced by varying depths. Lapitec®’s Dark Grey is also used for the fence, entrance gate and external flooring. By contrast, ivory slabs were chosen for the benches, providing a clear example of how this material can be used to create furniture and design elements.

Uniformity of colour is central to the interiors. The cladding for walls and flooring - just like the surfaces of the tables and counters - is in Lapitec®’s Ivory-coloured slabs. Different textures and visual perceptions are defined through the choice of finishings: Lux for flooring, Vesuvio for large vertical surfaces, and Satin for tables and counters. 

The shiny, polished Lux reflects the external light to create an evident, crisp mirror effect. The Vesuvio matt finish reproduces the look of flamed, brushed granite, with different, unpredictable colour effects when lit. Satin creates the right reflection for the workstations.

The versatility and appearance of Lapitec® - as the corporate headquarters so clearly demonstrates - are matched by the excellent mechanical and physical performance. The material is freeze, shock, wear & tear resistant, weatherproof and durable, impermeable to acids, bases, and solvents, and anti-scratch, as well as being fireproof and unharmed by UV rays. 

Finally, the production process is environmentally friendly. Lapitec® is completely free of resins, it does not contain oil derivatives, and it is antibacterial, completely inert and can be reused at the end of its life cycle.


Via Bassanese, 6 - I - 31050 Vedelago (TV) 

Tel. +39 0423 700239 - Fax +39 0423 709540

Email: [email protected] -

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