“La Flota” Sports Centre
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“La Flota” Sports Centre

“La Flota” Sports Centre
By Redazione The Plan -
Iscom has participated in the project
The “La Flota” Sports Centre built at Murcia to plans by architects Jesús Ramón Ortín, José Ramón López and Francisco Cavas occupies 30,000 sq m of built surface. In particular it provides a broad range of facilities for water sports with its swimming pools, multi-functional pool and spa area. Next to the swimming-pool site stands the sports pavilion, and the two units merge into a building that houses a restaurant-bar, a multi-purpose room, pools for canoeing, offices, playrooms, surgeries for physiotherapy and a hairdressing salon. All these facilities shelter beneath one and the same large roof which gives a sense of unity to the whole establishment. Its structure is in pre-painted steel carrying foam-glas and carbon thermal insulation that is at once waterproof, fireproof and extremely stable. It is finished in an Iscom Riverclack 55 flat metal roof system, the 105m-long panels of which give the roof the compact image the architects were looking for. Made in aluminium, copper or stainless steel, Riverclack 55 panels are practically unchanging in time; they provide total waterproofing with their seamless, seal-free drainage channel. They are fixed to the structure underneath without any through perforations which leaves the sections free to dilate in heat. Its ease of installation, long duration and absence of maintenance make the system an economic winner on any scale.

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