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La Clara Residential Complex

Palm Trees and the Ocean

Hariri Pontarini Architects

La Clara Residential Complex
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Barausse has participated in the project

Light-filled interiors, sprawling, furnished private terraces and exceptional views of Palm Beach are the guiding ideas for La Clara, a residential complex in one of the most upmarket parts of Florida. The design is the work of architect Siamak Hariri who sought to develop these ideas in a manner that also fits in well with the existing context. Located on the panoramic South Flagler Drive, the complex consists of a series of tower blocks standing next to each other, each rising 25 floors, to create 83 apartments (140 to 280 sq. m), including three lofts done by interior designer Hariri Pontarini Architects. The project emphasizes a combination of luxury and comfort in which the indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly integrated. To achieve this, the extensive glazing plays a key role, allowing sweeping views of the ocean and the city from the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom.

Complesso residenziale La Clara Immagine courtesy Barausse

This dialogue between the interior and exterior spatial dimensions is accentuated by the choice of finishes and shades for the sophisticated yet simple furnishings that delicately echo the color palette found outside. It was to exalt the lightness and comfort of the interior environments that the designers turned to Barausse, a company from the Vicenza area of northern Italy that specializes in doors and space division systems that meld classic and contemporary elements.

For La Clara, it supplied wooden veneer cladding, with over 5,000 sq. m of panels, and 1,400 doors, including flush solutions and large sliding doors. These products help divide the space up in a manner that enhances its overt elegance, using a very minimalist esthetic that is exalted by the concealed and recessed sliding systems. Barausse not only supplied the internal partition solutions, but also the front doors for the individual apartments, which have American UL45 fire certification. The large open spaces that characterize both the apartments and the common areas were deliberately designed to create a social sense, with a community feel among owners. This is furthered by La Clara offering a number of amenities, including a spa, an outdoor pool and fitness area, a bar and cigar room, a theater and two suites for guests.


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