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La Casa del Desierto

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Ofis Arhitekti | Transsolar

La Casa del Desierto
By Editorial Staff -

Is it possible to build a completely glazed house in a desert, one of the most hostile environments known to humankind? This is precisely the challenge Guardian Glass tackled, joining a team of architects headed by Špela Videčnik of Ofis Arhitekti and supported by engineers and energy consultants from Akt II and Transsolar. The result was La Casa del Desierto (Desert House) project, a prototype glass home designed to withstand the Gorafe desert in Andalusia, one of Europe’s most beautiful yet adverse environments. Standing on a wooden platform, La Casa del Desierto has glazed interior and exterior walls made with Guardian’s high performance, energy efficient glass. The house is only 20 sq.m in a trefoil shape divided into three areas - bedroom, living space, bathroom - each looking out onto the landscape in a different direction. This fully energy self-sufficient house has a water filtration system and a series of photovoltaic panels. The goal was to prove that with the right glass you can create your own great indoors, regardless of the climate and environment. While most of people don’t really consider glass as an important choice when they install or change their windows, it can play a key role in interior wellbeing, energy savings, improving heat and sound insulation, and security against break-ins. Offering an incredibly extensive range of products, Guardian Glass helps architects and interior designers choose the most suitable products and then supports them throughout the project to provide environmentally sustainable, practical and comfortable constructions in any corner of the globe.


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