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Ideal Work has participated in the project

Located on the western side of the Volga River, Kazan is the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan. The city is the heart of Tartar culture, and the cultural, business and industrial fulcrum of central Russia. The first 5-star hotel here - Kazan Palace Hotel by Tasigo - is housed in one of the city’s historic buildings, a redone hospital that had fallen into disuse. The restoration and revamp were overseen by Polimeks Group, which claimed the European Property Awards 2018 prize for this project. The original structure was faithfully kept intact, but the interior design used a minimalist industrial style - without compromising on luxury - that fits well with the original materials. The hotel has 66 rooms, a restaurant, a modern spa (800 m2) with a fitness center and an open-air pool, all unified by refined elegance. To produce the desired harmony between the original interior claddings and the modern furnishings, three solutions from Ideal Work were adopted: Microtopping, Lixio and the new addition for 2019, Ideal Work Purometallo. Microtopping micro-concrete was used for the floors, the walls in the halls and the rooms, the bathroom sinks and even some tables and vases in the restaurant. This decorative coating creates a concrete look and continuous surfaces, indoors and outdoors, without any joint marks. This proved a perfect fit for these interiors, adding harmoniously to the lighting and providing a neutral backdrop for the furnishing accessories. For the special finishings, such as the restaurant tables and the coatings for the pool area and spa, Ideal Work’s Venetian floor option - Lixio - was used. Finally, Ideal Work Purometallo, an exclusive decorative coating that uses metal powers, was applied to the walls in the Corten version, favoring the warmer hues, to cover the interiors of the openings, the arches and some details of the furnishing accessories in the restaurant. The combination of the concrete effect of Microtopping, the elegance of the Lixio marble look and the shiny metal appearance of Purometallo created a truly original and very visually impressive effect that turned a rather dilapidated building in a sumptuous, modern hotel.

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