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Jump Hybrid Community Center

Radiant, sound-absorbent systems for recreational spaces

Adamson Associates

Jump Hybrid Community Center
By Editorial Staff -
Fantoni has participated in the project

Designed by Adamson Associates, Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (Jump) in Boise, Idaho, was a gift to the local community from the Simplot Foundation in memory of Jack, the founder of the family company. This recreational center is a large low-rise with ample spaces and volumes housing multi-purpose areas specifically conceived for use by younger generations. Inside, there are rooms for creating films, recording music and 3D prototyping, and each one of these specialist rooms had very specific thermal and sound performance requirements. Fantoni was called in to provide the soundproofing and it had to produce customized solutions for each space to ensue every room met the soundproofing and thermal insulation performance requirements in the brief. Fantoni’s panels use Climacustic and 4Akustik technology to provide the ideal balance between excellence in technical performance and aesthetics.

In this specific project, despite the extensive use of glazing, the panels provided a way to meet demanding technical standards, while allowing the desired visual connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

This radiant, sound-absorbent wood-based modular system combines thermal comfort, energy efficiency and sound quality that can be adapted to the multiple needs of this hybrid community center. Regardless of whether the heating is on in winter, or the space needs to be cooled in summer, Fantoni’s technology helps ensure a uniform temperature.

The 4Akustik system has a customizable design that can be shaped as need to provide the desired performance, but also guarantee compliance with demanding health, safety and fire resistance standards, making it an ideal choice for spaces used by the public. Perfect aesthetic integration between the two systems - Climacustic and 4Akustik - was achieved by adopting the same finishing, making it seem like a single solution to the naked eye. The exceptional flexibility of each system also made curved and flowing lines possible. The project was enormous, covering over 18,000 m2, and contained the additional challenge of different ceiling conditions, meaning Fantoni had to produce various customized solutions that had to be
bench-tested at the company prior to being used on the buildings.


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