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Juma Mosque

Elvin Najafov

Juma Mosque
By Editorial Staff -
Margraf has participated in the project
Margraf began life in the marble industry in 1906 operating under the name Industria Marmi Vicentini. Located in the Vicenza province in northern Italy, the company has always been associated with technological research and innovation, and working with leading international architects. Margraf provides across-the-board marble services, from quarrying to producing a wide range of building and architectural products. It has recently worked very closely with Elvin Najafov on the restoration of the Juma Mosque in Azerbaijan, providing high quality marble. The mosque, often known as the “Friday Mosque”, can trace its origins to the 8th century AD in the city of Shamakhi, about 106 km from Baku along the fabled Silk Road. Both war and earthquakes have necessitated reconstruction work on the building, with the most recent intervention in 1918 following an arson attack. Architecturally, the mosque draws heavily on the style of the Derbent Mosque, probably the most famous in Azerbaijan. The layout is divided internally into three square sections connected by sizeable openings. The floor patterns created using the marble supplied by Margraf are firmly from the tradition of Islamic geometric symbols. Beneath the central dome, the design is of a giant stylised flower with twelve petals made of Azul Bahia marble. The same motif is reproduced on a completely different scale, as a fret pattern, to decorate the edges of the floors in the adjacent rooms. The giant rosette is a key element, located beneath the dome in one of the country’s most important religious buildings. The geometric decor extends on a Bianco Laser white floor to be enclosed by a floral wreath design of wonderfully coloured marble from Margraf’s collections (Azul Macaubas, Rosso Francia, Giallo Siena, Giallo d’Oriente, Rosa Portogallo, Monaco Light, Onice Verde and Bianco Sivec). This project is further proof of how Margraf works closely with Italian and international architects, supporting them through all phases and supplying high quality, lasting materials.

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