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By Editorial Staff -
Metra, Marazzi have participated in the project
Inaugurated in October, the Jolly Hotel designed by Dominique Perrault for the new Fiera Milano Rho trade fair is part of an “architecture park” made up of the tradeshow complex by Massimiliano Fuksas, the multi-storey car park by Mario Bellini and Andreas Kipar’s landscaping. By 2010 it will also include the Milan Trade Fair office building designed by
Jean-Baptise Pietri’s practice 5+1 AA.
Located near the southern gate, the hotel is part of a large services project that includes shops, restaurants, leisure activities and open green areas. The 4-star hotel comprises two, closely set, square towers, each leaning 5 degrees with respect to the ground: one in the direction of Milan, the other towards the centre of the tradeshow grounds.
The towers share the same cross-shaped entrance hall and lower-level cafés and restaurants. The 400 guestrooms are located from the 6th level (the 3rd above-ground storey). At the foot of the towers, large pools reflect the buildings. The top floors, given over to meeting rooms and gourmet restaurants, offer sweeping views of Milan’s new tradeshow complex.
Marazzi designed and installed the towers’ outer cladding according to Perrault’s specifications: a dark, reflecting skin with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation that transforms the two buildings into a single complex. A world first, this ventilated façade is made of 20,000 50x120 cm Jolly Black slabs composed of a 13 mm-thick porcelain stoneware support and a 3 mm black glass top layer. This vitreous covering was created directly on the ceramic support, increasing resistance and uniformity; the surface was then polished to give it its reflective brilliance. The product is frost resistant, withstands acids, alkalis, abrasion, bending and high temperature excursions. It is completely water-resistant and EN 14411 (ISO 13006) compliant. More than 1,100 windows, in apparently random array, puncture the shiny black façades of the towers.
The Metra NC65STH on-wall sliding system was used for the facade.Landmarks for the whole area, by day the towers stand out as imposing luminous structures. At night they become shining lanterns.
Collaborating with Dominique Perrault on these hotel towers confirms Marazzi’s commitment to researching and developing systems and technologies that will reduce energy consumption, environmental impact, and building and maintenance costs.

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